Easy Christmas Coffee Recipe



Four Ingredients Homemade Recipe that Taste like Christmas in a Cup ! 


What is Christmas Coffee?

It’s SUPER easy to make. You simply brew your coffee with the cloves, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Top with your preferred choice whipped cream or foam milk and add some Christmas sprinkles! 

We used our Colombian Supremo coffee because this coffee is medium strength and sweet tasting with a superlative flavor and delightful aroma. The flavor notes are Hints of Milk Chocolate and Caramel, with hints of Cherry.


  • 1/2 tsp cloves
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
Measurements for 4 cups of coffee.
How to make a Christmas Coffee?
Step 1 – Mix all four ingredients
Add all four ingredients : Cloves, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar and Coffee Grounds , stirring them together.
Step 2 – Brew your coffee mixture
Brew your coffee according to your coffee maker’s instructions.
Espresso Machine: Mix all ingredients with your grind coffee and then pull a double shot of espresso. For more information read our How to - 8 Steps to Make the Perfect Espresso
Moka Pot: Mix all ingredients and then brew the coffee. For more information read our How to - make Stovetop Espresso?
Drip Brew: Mix all ingredients with your grind coffee and then brew the coffee.
Step 3 –  Top your Coffee
Top your coffee with optional whipped cream or foam milk and some Christmas sprinkles! 
We wish you the most wonderful Holidays and let's received this day with a grateful heart ! If you try the recipe make sure you tag us @arocoffeeco. We will love to see your creations 🤍
Enjoy a good cup of coffee ☕
Aro Family  

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