How To - Make Celina Café De Olla


Easy Three Ingredients Homemade Stovetop Recipe ! 

History of Celina Robledo

A women that I had the pleasure to meet during my #arotravel in Mexico. She owns a beautiful self-suficient space in the center of Solferino. Her residence is called Casa Sac-Beh which means white path. In honored to the Mayan that chose and created all their path's white. This place is very fertile and has over hundreds of trees, plants and herbs. When Celina decided to build this beautiful place seven years ago she did a ritual for mother Earth and she oath that she will take care of her. 


Dr. Celina Robledo has a doctorate in Anthropology and Ecology . She has used all her knowledge to serve the less fortunate.   

What is Café de Olla?

It’s SUPER easy to make and you don't need any expensive equipment to make it. You simply infused your coffee with tabasco leaf and cinnamon stick. 

We used our Aro Coffee Mexican Rainbow coffee because this coffee is medium strength and sweet tasting with a superlative flavor and delightful aroma. 


  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 1 leaf of tabasco 
  • 2 scoop of coffee
Measurements for 2-3 cups of coffee.
How to make a Celine Café de Olla ?
Step 1 – Boil Water with Cinnamon Stick and Tabasco Leaf
Boil 3 water of cups ( always add one extra cup of what you need since the water will evaporated ) with the cinnamon stick and the tabasco leaf. These ingredients not only add aroma to your coffee but they have many medicinal benefits. 
Step 2 – Add Ground Coffee and Turn off
Once the water has boil you can add two scoops of coffee and immediately turn it off.
Step 3 – Add Splash of cold water and let it sit
Add a splash of cold water and put a lid. This technique is to let the coffee brew and essential oils elevated slowly to the coffee.
Step 3 – Let it sit and serve with love
Once the coffee is turn off cover the olla ( which means pod ) with a lid and let it sit for 5 to 6 mins. Then your aromatic coffee with be ready to serve.

Tip: Never reheat your coffee again because it increase the caffeine potency and can cause tachycardia. 

If you try the recipe make sure you tag us @arocoffeeco. We will love to see your creations 🤍
Enjoy a good cup of coffee ☕
Aro Family  

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